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Here comes the first horror movie of 2019 directed by Bhushan Patel of 1920 Evil Returns, Alone, Ragini MMS 2 fame. Lets analyse whether he is able to hit the ball out of the park this time.

Horror as a genre has attracted many movie makers in Bollywood, of which Mahal is considered to be the first attempt. After this the low budget Ramsay movies ruled for some years. But it was in 2002 when Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz did wonders at the box office, many more were attempted with some differentiation. But only a few are remembered for their brilliant execution in which my favourites are Raat, Raaz1, 13B, Bhoot, Help, Krishna Cottage, 1920 part 1, Ragini MMS2, Haunted. Other than these listed movies, there have been sequels but none of them are upto the mark.

Coming to Amavas, I will not say its out of the world movie and majority of scenes you have already watched but atleast the story and suspense was different this time. The makers claim that they have recovered the costs and theatrical collection will be a bonus. They are also making it a franchisee. Actor Sachin Joshi has himself produced this movie.

The movie has been shot in one of the haunted places of the world Sussex in Great Britain. I wont comment on the acting of actors as I was just expecting the chills n thrills which to some extent is delivered in this movie. The impact of horror genre can be felt only if you are viewing a night show in a theatre otherwise I recommend you not to watch on other platforms.

In my opinion, this movie has less chance to strike a chord with the audience as URI, Manikarnika are still doing wonders at the box office and next week Gully Boy will hit the theatres but in B and C centres it should find some acceptance as people love to get scared. 3 stars from my side.

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  1. Ram Kankani said:

    Your Commentary on movie Amavas is like enabling rising of moon for its producers. Very good write up.

    February 12, 2019

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