Romeo Akbar Walter Movie Review 3***

68743054Recently, we all have witnessed spy thrillers ranging from Baby, Naam Hai Shabana, Force 2 and Raazi. How our intelligent agencies operate, what risks they take, how nation comes first for them and everything thereafter, most importantly they even do not get the credit unlike our other forces yet this does not deter them to go ahead with their operations. As rightly told in this film, that a war is either won or lost on the basis of one thing that is Information. The one who has the prior information has an upper hand.

Unlike Raazi, John plays a fictional character but the background is based on true incidents, that is the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. John is a banker by profession and lives with his mother, have interest in playing various roles in dramas. His father had worked in RAW previously and been martyred. One fine day, their bank is attacked and he fights with the goons but then we come to realize that it was a planned attack by RAW to test John where he he gets selected to play a pivotal role that can change the future of India. He is been trained and assigned to live in Pakistan gather information and pass on to Indian counterparts. The film is the journey of this man, how he helps India in getting that upperhand position over his rival nation. In this journey, there are some moments that stand out while the pace of the movie is not very racy, so some may feel it as slow moving product. In the second half, it packs some punches and ends with a high climax. Of late John is doing such stuff be it Parmanu or Satyamev Jayate and has garnered praise and RAW also falls in a similar category. He has evolved as an actor over the years. It’s good to see Jackie Shroff as RAW chief and he has done a brilliant job. Mouni Roy has an important part in which she delivers but her role is very short. Overall, given the current scenario movies like this are going to work as audience connect to these theories and people who want proof after our real heroes lay their lives for the country should be ashamed of.

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