Kabir Singh****


Almost everyone is aware of southern flick Arjun Reddy, directed by first time director Sandeep Vanga Reddy whose lead Vijay Devarakonda made his debut and shot to fame overnight with his terrific potrayal of the written character. Nobody was ready to produce the film so Sandeep and his family themselves produced by starting their own company Bhadrakali Films and surprised everyone by attaining blockbuster status.

The same director again remade in Hindi as Kabir Singh and has created history by defying all the myths of holiday release, increased ticket prices, more no. of screens etc. The movie created a rage throughout the country by holding ultra stability during weekdays which is something that left the trade astonished. Even the so called star studded affairs could not hold at such levels during weekdays. After URI, this is the second instance of 2019 that has surprised the industry and that too after some scathing reviews and backlashing. Doctors have filed complaint that the movie depicts them in bad light but in my opinion, all the films in the beginning show that all the characters are fictional and bear no resemblance makes all these complaints null and void. It’s just a film and the characters. You should always pick up the good things and leave the rest. But I m really happy for Shahid Kapoor who made his debut with Ishq Vishq in 2003 but till date could not score a century after the invention of 100 crore club while the generation Y actors have tasted the same. He has finally got his due in the form of Kabir Singh that has entered the 100 crore club with a bang in 5 days flat and has the potential to enter the 200 crore club too.¬†Arjun Reddy was made on a budget of 5 crore and did a whopping business of 50crores while the Hindi version was remade for 60 crores while one waits to see where it finally reaches.

The movie is a love story where our hero has anger management problems but a topper in college and becomes a top surgeon. His love story takes a u turn and from then he goes onto self destruction path. Kiara Advani plays his love interest who is shown very passive and that hurts some women segment. The one who plays Shahid friend is very entertaining and Arjan his elder brother has played his part well. The supporting cast fits the bill perfectly. The flick boast of some good songs and that helped in creating the right buzz before the release. Some scenes standout where he reports to the dean after football match. Watch out when he is beaten during the marriage of Kiara with someone else. The cuss words are beeped by censor but inhaling of drugs and consumption of liquor with smooching scenes are in plenty. No second thought about it as it’s an A rated flick but the way in which it is thronged by the audience across the nation, made it the highest grossing affair in this category.

In nutshell, I won’t say it is a must watch as it’s not something you will miss but the treatment the director has given is something to watch out for. Watch this for Shahid Kapoor.

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