Baaghi 3 Movie Review***


Over the years, only few superstars like Akshay, Ajay, Hrithik and Salman are associated with sequels like Housefull , Golmaal, Krissh and Dabangg respectively. But in case of younger generation, Tiger is the only star to have a franchisee in his kitty. Baaghi a brainchild of Nadiadwala who launched Tiger in Heropanti, catapulted the star to fame with his consecutive successes. Sajid utilised Tiger’s action and dancing skills in such a manner that led rise to a Mass hero in just a few outings. Baaghi was a money spinner at the box office in 2016. In 2018, Baaghi2 cemented Tiger’s position as an action hero. To everybody surprise, it clocked a massive 25 crores on opening day and went on to earn a lifetime of 165 crores net in India. The humongous success has led to part 3 which carries very high expectations. Because of the predeccesor, opening day was predicted to be in the similar range but due to 2 major reasons, one the corona virus scare and secondly the distributors contract with exhibitor to showcase upcoming Laxmibomb and not to screen Radhe that are clashing on Eid led to non screening by a segment of theatres.The opening is still good as it ammased 17.5 crores on a regular Friday, marks the biggest opening of 2020.

Coming to the review part, it follows the same story pattern of rescuing girlfriend in part one to saving his daughter in part two and now in this part his brother. No doubt the canvas is bigger, the visuals are captivating, hardwork of the team is visible. Action as expected deserves brownie points. The atmosphere of Syria is very well captured which was actually shot in Serbia. The makers have left no stone unturned in making it a cinematic visual.The film boasts of very few vfx and 85% stunts are performed realistically. The flip side is music turned to an average affair. Apart from Vijay Verma, no one stands out in supporting cast. Ankita is good,  I felt Shraddha should have been made a part of  action role anyhow she’s good in her part. Reteish shines as Tiger’s brother but his character is not properly explained as to why he is afraid and cries while watching comedy scenes. Also being such a person he gets Police officer job without any training. The movie relies heavily on Tiger and he does not disappoints. Action designed by Ahmed Khan leaves a mark. Best part is the movie balances the action scenes in both the halves unlike the previous one.

All said and done, Baaghi is a treat for action lovers, it should be lapped in a big way by the target audience. Since the word of mouth is mixed, positive trending over the coming days will tell what status it will achieve at the box office.