Special Ops****


This is for the first time I am reviewing a web series. I chose to write when something excites me and this what exactly happened. Personally, I love the spy genre and that too when it is helmed by Neeraj Pandey. He is the master of his craft. A Wednesday left me spellbound followed by cleverly weaved Special 26. Baby strengthened my belief of his craft. Naam Shabana too made a remark and ultimately Special Ops which is the director’s first venturing into web space and Hotstar though much not popular as Netflix and Amazon Prime, did no mistake in getting Neeraj on board.

There are 8 episodes in total and all of them gets you immersed in the world created by Neeraj. It begins with the attack on Indian Parliament. Everybody is sure there were 5 terrorists but our RAW agent Kay Kay Menon as Himmat Singh believes there was a sixth one who masterminded these attacks and is still planning some more. Nobody trusts Himmat except her wife and is termed as a theory that Himmat is living for the last 19 years. There is an enquiry going against him for usage of govt. funds over these years. Himmat has planted his agents in various countries who are in search of Iklakh Khan the 6th terrorist. Director has brilliantly weaved the story with current situations like Demonetisation, Section370 and have come up with the real life stories of our soldiers who cannot reveal their identity but lay their lives silently for the country. A salute to the unsung heroes.

Performances of all the characters are applauseworthy. No spoilers. So please enjoy and let me know your views.